Michigan Packaging Distribution is a full service packaging provider with next day service to minimize your packaging inventory. We offer stock packaging items and custom designing from start to finish, working within our client’s budget and timing.

We are committed to our customers providing an inventory control program to minimize product outage and over stock items using a min max program.

Stock and or Custom Packaging

Let us help you choose from among the thousands of basic designs and adaptations for the best packaging system, interior and exterior, for your product.

We can also work with you to re-engineer your current packaging for cost savings.

Why use Corrugated Packaging?

•Corrugated offers thousands of possible combinations of board types, flute sizes (caliper), basis weight, adhesives, treatment and coatings, including flame retardant and static control protection.

•Corrugated can be cut and folded into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes to fit specific product protection, shelf space and shipping density requirements (including inner packaging that prevents shifting)

•Corrugated can be direct-printed with high-resolution color graphics (including lithography, flexography and silk screening).

•Corrugated is not just for displays and boxes: other uses include low-cost, one-way recyclable pallets and retail bulk bins.


At Michigan Packaging Distribution we offer Just-In-Time delivery (JIT) in conjunction with warehousing, meeting your delivery deadlines, based on your manufacturing schedules and releases.

JIT Benefits You by providing:

•Improved cash flow

•Reduced warehousing costs

•Improved materials management on your factory floor

Inventory Management

We manage inventory on hand using a min/max system custom designed to fit customer specific needs.

So we can fulfill your packaging needs when you need it.

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