Poly Bag Styles

Polyethylene Styles.

  • Bottom Seal – These bags are cut individually from seamless tubing and are sealed at the bottom of gusset bags. This is the strongest seal available and is good for bags with heavy-duty uses.
  • Side Seal – These bags are made from folded polyethylene sheeting, sealed on each side. This seal can be used on flat and gusset bags and is suggested for retail uses.
  • Reclosable Bags – Seal Top (like Zip Lock) reclosable poly bags can be made with or without a tamper evident seal. The use of these bags is preferred when there is the need for multiple entries or repackaging of the bag.
  • Bags on Rolls – These bags are made on a continuous roll of seamless tubing perforated at specified intervals for ease in tearing the bag off the roll. The “top” opening can be above or below the perforation.
  • Flat Sheeting – Sheeting is used for wrapping, lining and dividing layers.

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