Box Styles

RSC RSC or “Regular Slotted Carton”
The most commonly produced box. All flaps have the same length and the two outer flaps are one-half the container’s width, so that they meet at the center of the box when folded. Highly efficient design for many applications.
Half Slotted Container HSC or “Half-Slotted Container”  

A variation of the RSC without one set of flaps.

FOL FOL or “Full OverLap” slotted container  

Has flaps which are all the same length and equal to the width of the box. This style is resistant to rough handling.

Tray TRAY  

Are flat scored and slotted sheets that when folded, form a lid to carry products. Sides are glued, taped or stapled to maintain shape.

OPF OPF “One Piece Folders” are often referred to “book folders” or “iron cross mailers”.Products packed this way include printed matter, electrical circuitry, and books.
OLSC OLSC or “OverLap Slotted Container”This style is used to enhance the cushioning effect top and bottom. The outer flaps extend partially across the width.
telescoping FULL TELESCOPING STYLE Two scored and slotted trays are made to fit inside one another to package items when depth is an issue and the item needs corner protection.
tube TUBE An open-ended style that allows packaging to surround the item being packed with no top or bottom flaps.
Die Cut DIE CUT Custom die cutting is used for a wide range of applications and involves creating a die to stamp items from plain or printed sheet stock.
lock-bottom SELF-LOCKING DIE CUTA box that utilizes die cut tabs that slip into slots to secure the box openings so that no tape, staples or banding is necessary. Some edges can be factory-glued for easy assembly.
Bulk Container BULK CONTAINER Large containers that are used to safely transfer bulk product from one site to another.  Protects irregular loads, can be designed to sit assemblyline-side for easy access to product.
STORAGE FILE BOX A combination of styles utilizing an HSC and a tray, this denotes a particular style of die cut that is reinforced with fold-down edges to support hanging file folders. The bottom of the HSC is self-locking.
partition PARTITIONS Made from a variety of media, slotted strips are fitted together to form cells into which product can be placed and kept apart from product in other cells.
pad PADS, INTERNAL PACKAGING PRODUCTSUsed to separate, cushion, suspend and fill irregular spaces within a container.

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